Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Tale of Two Bugs

The other day at Superstore they had boxes of bananas that had not been unpacked yet. The bananas that were peeking through the cardboard were bright and fresh and firm looking... unlike the ones on display which were looking pathetically limp and showing some signs of wear and tear.

- and on a side note I was there at 10 am and the fruit was already picked over. Good grief...

Anyway, all the other customers were sticking their hands into the half-opened boxes to grab the fresh, plump new fruit and I was halfway there, too. When all of a sudden I thought, "Black Widow Spider."

Perhaps I am an ignorant Northerner. You know - that one that goes to Arizona or Texas and expects rattlesnakes to be in the toilet? That's me.

I try to not be controlled by these expectations that the locals would label as totally irrational... but geez... don't some Americans come to Canada and expect to see Polar Bears on the lawn?

Ha! You see? I am justified!

I think I've watched one too many episodes of 'Rescue NINE-One-One'. (Remember the way William Shatner used to say it??? Spooky...)

You know: it's that episode. When they zoom in on the little spider that has been uprooted from it's South American home and slowly craawwwlllssss onto the fresh banana and BITES with lighting-fast accuracy the unsuspecting Canadian's hand. And the Canadian woman says, "ouch!" then rubs her hand all puzzled-like and goes on with her business until the coma sets in and the local doctors don't know what to do because it isn't like there are a lot of Black Widow bites in Saskatoon, right?

Well, I all but heard William Shatner narrating as my hand drew near to the banana box.

Suffice to say that semi-bruised bananas graced my fruit bowl this week. Which leads to another issue.

Fruit flies. Fruit flies make me say, "AAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHHH!" There is actually one flying around my head as I type so that above exclamation really just happened. It's like blogging in Real Time! Don't you feel connected?

While within the top 5 of things I hate with a passion that could lead to irrationality - they are not deadly. To my knowledge, there have been no fruit fly stories on 'Rescue NINE-One-One' .

Remind me of that as I teeter on the edge of sanity dealing with the little suckers... 'cause I'm wondering if mine could be the first case for mister Shatner.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Breakfast Foods(?)

I probably could give my daughter peas and broccoli for breakfast - but I'd probably gag.
The only veggie I can handle before noon is a hash-brown... and the jury is till out as to whether that constitutes as one with all that lovely grease and crispiness.... 'scuse me whilst I meditate on that for a moment... Yum!

But I digress!!

Peyton wouldn't care. Lets face it: she hasn't exactly been a foodie to this stage. Milk, milk, milk... anything she has to chew is a novelty.

But as I was scrambling this morning to mush together bananas and apples for her breakfast while she howled impatiently from her highchair I mentioned to her that she was lucky I have breakfast standards which don't include squash. Apples and bananas are an acceptable breakfast.

Ironically, I'd eat Honey Nut Cheerios anytime of the day or night... so breakfast food can be carried over. But a chunk of sweet potato in the morning would just feel wrong somehow.

Do so-called "breakfast foods" have a strict cateory in your house?

Anyway... I had better go and defrost the bacon for my supper tonight.
Harvest widows break all the rules. ;-D

It's Harvest! (Expect pictures...)

Family photo - September 2009
(We should have had glasses for miss-squints, I think...)

Visiting Kurt at work.
(Peyton keeping an eye on the dog...)

The truck Kurt was driving that day.

And a glamor shot for all my fans... ;-D
Peyton looks like she's cut in stone, though... chuckle!

With the puppy belonging to the farm we were beside that day.
A perfect fall day... praise God!

Driving with Daddy (not really... just waiting for the combine.)
Don't you just love the sippy-cup dashboard accessory? :)

Waving to Daddy while he was unloading the wheat into the bin.
(And yet he still managed to take a picture for me... what a sweetie!)

Such a happy girl with her Daddy!

My favorite farmer... and Kurt. (lol!)

I must say it is a lot easier to get in and out of the truck this year. :)

Friday, September 25, 2009

This is NOT Peyton

But it's so cute I had to post it. :)
(She does this kind of thing, too... but I have a dead battery on my video camera...)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Forget Sports!

I need to find out where my daughter can learn to do this.
I just hope she can teach me...

(You may want to pause the music player...)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Good and Better

I have a cold - but the Riders won (big time).
Peyton is having a crying fit - but Kurt is dealing with it in the other room.
Overall? Not a bad moment. :-D

Monday, September 7, 2009

My Girl

My Peyton-of-Grace,
Do you now how rich I am to be your mommy? When I say "I love you" my heart nearly bursts with thankfulness and joy that the Lord has given you to me!
All of you is precious. Your sweet smiles. The way you squeal when you see your daddy. Your babbling. The way you are learning to "share" (although you require it to be given right back to you so you can "share" again.) The way you play "peek-a-boo" with your hands on your ears. Your sleepy actions - rubbing your face in my shoulders and cuddling. Bath and bedtimes. Moody and crazy times... your love for your "Gary-bear". :)
Who am I that I should receive such grace? I am overcome with God's kindness through you, my sweet and miraculous baby girl.
You cause me to glorify God in a way no other gift has ever done... and I am so very humbled.
I love you more than I can express,