Saturday, August 30, 2008

A Snapshot

Two pages of the many I've worked on this week...
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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Post 2 of 9 (August 24th-August 30th)

Some updates:

- Blood pressure issue has really settled down. In fact, I've taken myself off the drugs. (I'm sure my doctor loathes having nurses as patients...) I can pretty much tell when I'm feeling winded/tired - and then I can make the choice to sit and be still. Today I clocked my pulse at a nice and steady 88 beats per minute. Praising God!

- Aghhh.... how can 9 (almost 8!) weeks seem like so short looking backwards and so far looking forwards?

- The 21st was a really emotional day for me. 10 months... so many milestones unreached. God gave great strength - and I am thankful.

- I'm getting baby fever. Very definite baby fever. Every little move she makes is bringing both delight, anxiety, anticipation and impatience. I want to hold our baby, alive and squirming, as soon as I can. Kurt and I were discussing who would hold her first. He will. :) (and we didn't arm-wrestle...)

- Work is really winding down. Seriously. I have only 2 more scheduled 8-hour shifts before the date of the induction. The second is the day I hope to be induced. :) It's okay, though - I'm getting really tired and sore a lot sooner than I was...

- We're kinda wrapped up in the democratic national convention right now. By "we" I mean "Kurt" and by "Kurt" I mean "us" because although he was gone last night, I found myself watching Joe Biden's speech. These one-flesh relationships are strange...

- Kurt took me away on a romantic weekend (on Monday and Tuesday) he surprised me on Monday morning by telling me to pack an overnight bag, and we went to the city where he had booked a jacuzzi suite, and a BIG steak dinner at the Keg. I was appropriately impressed. :) I love him more than ever... and that says a lot. Tuesday was doctor and dentist - still kinda romantic - but in a functional way.

- Speaking of dentist: I found the best one ever. The office looks like a spa (I know 'cause I've been to one) and the chairs have massage features, there are LCD televisions on the ceiling, and they offer complimentary parafin wax treatments while you're getting worked on. :) I love free-enterprise health care!

- I've been spending lots of hours (the free ones, that is) working on Autumn's album. It's coming along quite well. I'm really pleased with the results - and the process has been really emotional - but helpful. If I can figure out how to scan and post them in high-quality I'll do that one of these days. On one of my many upcoming days off. :)

Saturday, August 23, 2008

28 Weeks

Thar she pops! (snicker)
This is a top from last year - fits me now tighter than it did with Autumn at 38 weeks. Click the bold link for proof... sigh. :)

Friday, August 22, 2008

Well Played, Molly Piper

I have to say that part of me envies Molly Piper. Not only did she pull off one major surprise - but she has that in her arms which I'm so eagerly counting down to. :)

She shocked a lot of people today with this post as she announced the arrival of someone almost nobody (outside of close friends and family) knew they were expecting.
Don't believe me? Comment number 63 on the post I link below cracked me up...


I could never be so subtle.
Well, duh, I announced on the blog at 8 weeks we were pregnant. :)

To anyone who has never linked over to her blog from mine: she and her husband (yes, the son of John Piper) lost their little girl to stillbirth one year ago near the end of September. So I am praising God with her and them - and many other people. :)

*The post where she made the announcement they were going for induction - today - is here... I think that given the context of the post title, most readers were expecting a pregnancy announcement (versus a end of pregnancy announcement).
Based on most of the comments I wasn't the only one who did a double take at the last line of the post. (chuckle)

Monday, August 18, 2008

Post 1 of 9 (August 17-23)

I just realized that if I only do one post per week until the baby is scheduled to arrive I'll only get 9 more posts done.
Since that is what I'm at about now that is a pretty crazy thought.
My girlfriend who was dilated and "ready to have the baby" managed to get it all under control - so her baby is staying put for a little while longer.
But her situation convinced me that I shouldn't wait too much longer to gather a hospital-ish bag - just in case. It isn't like we live 5 (literal) minutes from the hospital any more...

Oh - and since a lot of other people are doing it I may as well make a post about the Olympics.

First: Canada isn't doing great. Not a big shock - it snows here a lot so summer sports tend to be way more specialized and take a lot more money to train in at only a few select locations. Winter Olympics tend to be my favorite. They're always faster and more dangerous and involve equipment of some kind. Whether it is to obvious (hockey) or the not-so-obvious (luge) I really like watching them. :) Since we (as in British Columbia) are hosting them next round the excitement will be off the radar. I read somewhere that the men's hockey gold game is already sold out. All this without having a clue who will be in it...and if you want to get tickets (as in on the internet) you're looking at thousands of dollars. That, my friends, is frenzy.

Second: I was one of the cynics who thought Michael Phelps had to be on steroids. (I'm sorry!) Who breaks ten bazillion records (or 8) in one stretch of games? And how do you spank the best of every other country so soundly? I know, I know - he's built like a superhuman. Genetically made to be a swimmer... he's very genuine and courteous (I agree with that) and I'm happy for him - I'm just hoping he didn't have a trainer that slipped him some growth hormones or something and said it was Vitamin B12. I was 8 years old when Canada's Ben Johnson won gold - and was just over that when he lost his medal for a drug use scandal. It tainted me. 20 years later I find myself always waiting for the other shoe to drop. Sigh. To all his fans - forgive me! :)

Third: I find myself rooting for China a lot. I find myself hoping for the best for them as people. If you've dedicated your whole life (all 9 years of it... chuckle) to perfecting a certain sport and then fail... you have to wonder what that country's perspective of them will be and what their future will hold. But I also have to come back to the fact that they are just SO good at everything! We watched the beach volleyball game between them and (as it was NBC) the Americans - China was amazing. There is something kinda awe-inspiring about over a billion people rooting for their own - and doing well. Since they are the only communist super-power left in the world it does make sense that they would pick up where Russia left off... with perfectionism perfected. I'm not anti-anybody in these games... but I am just so happy for these guys and girls when they win. :)

I think that is enough Olympic thoughts for now... happy game-watching everyone.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Blood Pressure Etc.

Hi everyone!
I went to see my doctor yesterday (FYI 5100 gang: it's Friggstand) and the the results are in: my blood pressure is much more stable and I haven't gained more weight (I later lost the previously blogged about 2 pounds and then a few). On the other hand, my resting pulse is still consistently over 100. For example, I got to work today - sat for about 20 minutes to 1/2 hour and it was clocked at 134.
So my doctor put me on labetalol. For anyone not working with the elderly, click the word to find out what it does. (I think it's a pretty simple explanation.) The upside of this should be two-fold. I can hope to see my pulse drop below 100 - and I can say to my clients, "Hey, I take this med, too!" I'm sure it will bond us. ;-D (lol!)
(And for those who choose to read the FULL medication write up you'll see that it "may be harmful for your unborn baby"... I'm on a pretty low dose and the basic gist of the harm is that if it slows me down too much it can slow baby down too much. Right now, that isn't likely to happen, plus I'm daily monitoring my pulse and BP... just so you know I know. :))
So I'm pretty happy that I don't have to go off work. I mean I am happy as long as I'm not exhausted like I was today. :) But I got through... and I am optimistic enough that today I talked to my manager and booked a shift for the 23rd of October. Yes. One day before my scheduled induction. :) She laughed - but I figure I'll only be 38 weeks and my job isn't actually physically too demanding. And - and this is the total truth - it would probably be a great way to get my mind off what is to come. And talk about a payoff! "After I am done this shift I get to go to the hospital and have a baby!" :) (I'm all about rewarding myself... chuckle)
Thanks so, SOOOO much to all of you who are praying and asking for updates. For now my condition is labeled stable and I've no doubt it is due to the massive amounts of prayer coverage. :)
And a special thanks to all my friends on 5100 - I hope you guys know how much I appreciate you all. :) Kurt and I checked on Roseanne yesterday (she even showed us her scar!) and she gave us the ornament and gift you guys got for us. To say we were overwhelmed is an understatement. :) Thank you doesn't feel like enough - but I hope you know I mean it from the bottom of my heart. Only 2 months (and a few days) until I come visit! (Save me the Vic Room, okay? LOL!)
Thanks for reading everyone!

Saturday, August 9, 2008


Blood pressure today at one time rated at 140-ish over 116. I was so amazed at the bottom number I didn't really notice the top.
It came down quite nicely with rest and drinking water - but that really isn't a great sign. That and the fact that I've gained another 2 pounds since Thursday.
I wish I could see the retention - I'd feel better then (sorta) - but knowing that I have this fluid just building up somewhere isn't great. I don't have any shortness of breath or anything... so it isn't in my lungs or too tightly around my heart.

But Arrrrghhhhh!
(small and forced smile - chuckle)

On a brighter note: our counter-tops are FINALLY in! The guy will probably come install them on the 18th - and then I can FINALLY post pictures of the FINISHED renovations.

I probably haven't mentioned that we ordered them over 2 months ago, and the fabric for my drapes has also been backordered for over a month already... I really have been feeling this house will never actually be finished. But that is the old Kendall.

I am now an optimist. :)

Thursday, August 7, 2008

About the Blood Pressure Issue

Today the doctor (not my regular doctor, but somebody in his practice) told me that I am starting to get into preeclampsia (also known as toxemia) territory. I guess my weight jumped 10 lbs in one month - and I haven't been eating that much! (chuckle)
That factor partnered with the high blood pressure and the racing heart rate - and a slight amount of protein in my urine has them a little bit concerned.
So strict orders are to stay off my feet, stay cool and drink LOTS of fluids for the next few days until I can see my regular doctor next Tuesday. Fortunately, I have no shifts until Wednesday at the earliest - so it doesn't inconvenience anyone too badly right now. But ultimately, he'll decided what is best for me and our baby girl next week - if I've bounced back then I'm sure the status quo will be fine. If not - then they may want me to quit work until the baby comes.
I'm really hoping and praying that I don't have to take the next two months off - that would sure make time drag (and two months of lost wages could cause a mind financial stumbling block... chuckle). But if that is the case, I know the Lord knows best. One thing I'm not so quick to do this pregnancy is to write things off as "fine".
So we really appreciate everyone's continued prayers for both me and the little peanut - and that Kurt will also be able to remain calm and rational. (He actually laughed out loud when the doctor told me no pickles... rolling eyes...) :)
I'm off to elevate my feet and drink a gallon of water (bladder - prepare thyself for a mighty onslaught...)
Have a good evening, everyone! :)

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Early Babies?

I found out this weekend that a coworker of mine who wasn't due until mid-September gave birth 5 weeks early on the 3rd.
Right after that I found out another coworker's pregnant daughter was spotting at 12 weeks.
Then my blood pressure started to rise (149/90) and my heart was racing (>100 for over 2 hours).
And THEN I found out one of my dearest friends (due also mid-September) was in the hospital all day yesterday and last night with contractions and 4 cm dilation.
This has not been a great week for the pregnant ladies...
... but so far everyone is stabilized.

My coworker's baby daughter is doing well.
The other coworker's daughter is still doing okay.
My blood pressure is quite a bit lower today - although my heart is still fast. I think that's just 'cause I'm married to such a hottie... don't tell him. ;)
And my girlfriend got through the night with no contractions and will probably be sent home today sometime. (Love you, Shiela!)
Praising a God who is always in control... how relaxing it is to not only admit but embrace the fact that I am not in charge. :)