Saturday, July 25, 2009

A Tale of Two Bathrooms

We have three bathrooms in this house. Odd way to start a post, I know - but stick with me if you can...

When we moved here last year in May, I put all my stuff into the ensuite off of our bedroom - but Kurt decided to keep his toothbrush and other personal toiletries in he main bathroom off of the kitchen because there was very little room in the ensuite cupboard. We've been talking for a while about when Peyton and possible siblings (no! not yet!) start to use that bathroom more often he should move his stuff into "my" bathroom.

But honestly?

I'm kinda selfish with my space. I've got more stuff - and it tends to take up both drawers and under the sink. And since he never really complained about having to go to the other bathroom to put on his deodorant in the morning, it just kinda stayed that way.

But two weeks ago, we bought a toothbrush. Not just any toothbrush. A Phillips Sonic toothbrush. I haven't had this much fun brushing my teeth since I had those little chewy-things in grade 4 where all the guckies on your teeth became obvious. But this brush needs to plug in. So after much rearranging of the limited counter space in our bathroom, we made room for it - mainly because I was tired of going to the main bathroom to brush my teeth. (chuckle)

But that's not the point of this story. (Although it has taken up half a page already.)
The point is that while I was rearranging in order to put the Phillips Sonic toothbrush in our bathroom, I found space for his toiletries. (All 3 of them...)

So this morning - after I brushed my teeth and got happy, and he was finishing up getting ready for the day - I said to him, "I think you can move your stuff into this bathroom now."
He froze, and was like, "Seriously??
(I'm chuckling just remembering...)
And I was like, "Yeah - seriously. I cleared a space in the drawer."

So he went to the other bathroom and got this stuff and brought it back into our room. After he put his stuff in the drawer we just looked at each other and grinned like something momentous had happened. I threw myself in his arms and said what we were both thinking:

"We just moved in together!"

Romantic, no?
What can I say: after almost 6 years, you gotta take the excitement where you can. (lol!)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

9 Months Old

... and two more teeth today! :)
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Friday, July 17, 2009

July (holy cow!) 17th

Some stuff:

- Second of 3 weddings to be attended this summer tomorrow. Congratulations Darcy and Sam!

- My girlie cannot decide where she wants to crawl or walk. Her newest thing is holding on to the furniture and then totally letting go - standing there for a while with no hands and then grabbing on to the furniture again and clapping while braced with her elbows. She's oh-so-proud of herself.

- Activia is a rip-off! They say to take the 14-day challenge but only sell sets of 12 and 24. So you HAVE to buy more! I love it though... I didn't realize what a good-tasting yogurt it was. But still!

- We're having a little bit of trouble keeping up with the yardwork with our schedules. Kurt actually phoned the neighbors last night to ask if he could cut his grass after 9pm. They were fine with it - but that was the soonest he could get out there. Sigh.

- I actually like the colder weather. I know the crops are having a hard time... but I feel a lot better when it's mild.

- I've been working more than the previously decided on 1-day per week - but by God's grace it hasn't been too bad. I have willing babysitters, and I work super-close to home so I've been able to go home and nurse Peyton at lunch a lot of days. And my manager and coworkers have been really great about letting me do some half-days... so I can still go in and help with the heavy hours and have either the morning or afternoon off. And Kurt is happy because there is a little bit more money coming in.

- Speaking of money: Does anyone watch "Til Debt Do Us Part"? Well, watching it with Kurt dramatically changed my life. This is typed tongue-in-cheek and kinda whiny.
We are now on a cash-only budget. To say I was reluctant would be an understatement. I love Visa. Don't get me wrong - I'm careful with it and we always pay it off... but what are a few more dollars at WalMart on a Visa, right? Right. And besides - we get points!
But NOW I look at my dwindling cash-stash and think: "Hmmm... maybe I don't need that recipe book today." or "Maybe I should wait until next month to buy some more flower pots." or "I guess I could live without Party Lite for a few months." *Sigh* (the last one is a kicker...)
We haven't cut up our credit or debit cards - it's an honor system and I'm glad Kurt trusts me to not be sneaky. Besides - he gave me the bulk of our 'disposable' cash and only kept a fraction for himself... so that makes up for the crazy idea, I guess. ;)

- I should go walk now - Peyton is sleeping and I've got to redeem the time. The best thing I've done in a long time was start to listen to the bible on CD while exercising. Treadmill time isn't exactly heavy-duty mental work... so I'm get about a half-hour of uninterupted time in the bible - it's just that instead of me reading it it's being read to me. I've noticed a huge change in my prayer life and my appreciation of Jesus grows daily - and as a side-effect my butt is getting smaller! Sweet, right? I know. :-D

Thanks for reading!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Blood Song

Pause my music player before you start this video. I just want to say that 'gospel/soul' isn't really my type of music - but this video may convert me. (No pun intended...)

Words fail.

I could not even begin to choose my favorite parts - but the "Whooo-oooo-yeah. Uh-h-h." at the start, and the little bum-wiggle around the 1:20 mark are the front runners right now.

Let me know what you think. :)

(thanks for letting me pinch if from your blog, Janelle!)

She Likes to Move-it, Move-it

So all of a sudden I have this little girl who likes to move around all over the house. She isn't exactly crawling - but does manage to get pretty far between bum-scoots, rolling and just general squirmyness. (not a word, I know...)
Exhibit A:The "I tent my bum and spin in circles" move. Very effective for subtle movement which takes Mommy a while to notice."What mom? You didn't see or hear me moving down the hallway? Hmmm - I have no clue how I got here either!"
Exhibit B:
The, "Hey! If I can get my bum on lino I can really slide far!" move.
She had been over by us on the couch and made her way (with purpose) to the kitchen where she could try and pull herself up on the kitchen chair. She didn't get it that time - but the other day I found her standing up in her crib.
Exhibit C:
The, "I don't like to lay where mommy puts me in the crib so I'm gonna sit up and move around until I get so tired I just literally fall over and go to sleep" move. (I don't make these names up, you know... ;-D)I found her at the bottom of the crib all bent over. All I can say is that it's a good thing little kids have almost no stiffly-formed bones and joints - an adult in this position would suffer for days afterward!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Rainy Day

It was supposed to have been a yard-work day. But we woke up to rain and a house that was only 21 degrees! So it came down to coffee in our jammies with the fireplace on - and cuddling while watching the Rider game. Our girlie is very happy to have her daddy in the house with us this morning - a rare occurrence!
As I type, I can hear Kurt is trying to teach her to say, "Go Roughriders!" "Touchdown!" and "Yaaaaay!"
I think we should work on "Mommy" first - but whatever...
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Thursday, July 9, 2009

A Moral Dilemma

Am I a bad mother if I give my daughter her Dad's cell-phone and say, "Here. Chew on this for a while while I go on the computer."?
She sure enjoyed it.
And it was in a protective case...
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What was that?

My darling hubby - making me laugh as usual. :)

*pause the music and turn it up so you can hear what I'm talking about when I say, "What was that?" :)*

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy Canada Day!

From the little jail-bird...
And her mommy...
Yay for Canada! :)
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