Friday, September 28, 2007


Still not dilated at all! Drat! But baby' s heart is good and is moving around... so I guess the doctor's appointment wasn't a total bust. (chuckle)

But I'm having trouble being motivated to finish my hospital packing. I think this is the reason that I never started essays until 2 days before the due date... I kinda like the pressure. Strange, huh? It strikes me as mildly exciting to rush around the house with my mind and activities crystallized by pain getting ready to leave....

Don't worry mom... I'll still pack... but it is a struggle. :)

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Will This Be Kurt?

They showed this video in prenatal class on Monday night...
I was so excited to find it on YouTube!

It reminds me of the story where my mom went to a ladies retreat leaving dad home with us while Cody was still in diapers. Cody "messed up" really badly... and the best that my dad could do was prop him up in the shower with the diaper thrown in the other corner and hose him off with the shower head - gagging the entire time. :-D See dad? You're not alone! (lol!)


Some stuff that has happened since I last posted:

1) Kurt came home from the longest business trip ever... oh wait - just before that:

pre-1) I've had a number of moms come up to me at the hospital and sheepishly ask for a razor because they couldn't handle the stubble... so I figured I'd head that off at the pass and do an underarm wax before the baby comes so that I can handle wearing a tank-top (for nursing purposes). To summarize: as she was slowly torturing me by tearing strips of hair and skin off of my bleeding underarms (have never done this before) the waxing lady looked at the tears running down my face and said, "Just think: this is still better than labor."
... although I must admit that 5 days later I am looking at my underarms without the barest hint of stubble and thinking it was a good decision to make after all... (grin)

1-again) ... and then Kurt came home. :) Happiness and joy reigned!

2) I went to church for the first time in a few Sundays... with working and helping at the farm it had been a really long time since I was able to gather with the saints. So Sunday was a blessing! Can't believe we're really done Genesis... way to go Murray! :)

3) Shopped until we dropped on Monday. Or until the last pitiful penny could be heard dropping to the bottom of the purse... I told Kurt we're kinda funny that way: we save and then go on a spending frenzy - then go back into financial lock down for the next few months. (lol) We bought: diapers, wipes, Vaseline, a carseat, a stroller, a diaper-pail, a diaper-bag, a pair of pjs and other nursing-ish things for me, groceries... and a video camera.
The last one we've been researching for a while - but decided to take the plunge and pay it off over a few months (versus saving fully first) because then we'll have the videos of our little one from the start. We also had a generous offer of financial assistance from Kurt's parents - so it isn't as big of a hit as it would have been were we doing it all ourselves. We're very pleased with this purchase (as long as we don't think about the purchasing part... chuckle) and the quality of video it is taking... so much better than the camera-quality video!

4) We had our last prenatal class on Monday night: some was review (I do work up there) about postpartum care of mom and baby - but it was a really interactive class and actually a lot of fun. Plus, I didn't have to use the washroom until the very end of class (3 hours). Bonus! I was very proud of my husband who knew all the answers on the breastfeeding quiz - even the trick questions: who knew he was actually retaining all this stuff I talk about? :) I'd look at him after he answered and smile and he'd wink as if to say, "Yeah baby - aren't you glad you're married to me?" (lol)

5) Kurt is doing little road-trips now: smaller distances where he can come home at night. I treated him last night with meatballs and gravy for being so considerate. How good were they? Um... they vanished at lunch today! (Although I might have helped with that a little bit... snicker!)

6) Last one! I got my last haircut before baby yesterday... strange to think that next time I go I'll be trying to stick it in between feeds or pumping. :) It really is so bizarre - after so much waiting - to be so close to the due date now. I mean, I like it - but it isn't really real.
But if baby activity is any indication, he or she is chomping at the bit to get out of there. Kurt had his hand on my tummy last night and was laughing out loud as the kiddo was trying to push it off... big heaves and dips and massive side-to-side shakes with foot and leg action... too funny. I think the baby has started to twist itself down, though, because I'm having left-sided action and that hasn't been the case for a while... it is like different body-parts are facing different directions now - so the activity is spread-out than it was. If we felt a foot before, it was on my right side... but now I never know where it will pop up!

So... wanna see the nursery? :) After Monday's shopping trip, "crowded" is an understatement... but as soon as we get the closet organized we can take stuff off the floor and put it in there. In the meanwhile, we walk past the room and hope I don't go into labor because we would have a hard time finding the stuff we need to take the the hospital in the clutter. :)

Today's task: make sure camera batteries are charged and ready to go with the rest of the hospital stuff. :) Simple enough task for the day, I think. :)

Friday, September 21, 2007

Thoughts About Trust

I've been thinking about this baby and the reality of bringing him or her home a lot lately. I know in the past God has been gracious to me in letting me trust Him: first with getting pregnant, secondly with maintaining the pregnancy (especially early), and third with keeping this baby safe inside (with the cyst). All of those "trusts" came after the battle of the mind really concluded, "Your will be done."

But I'm wondering what it is going to be like for me when he/she comes out? Will I still trust God with the fact that my baby's days are numbered: as are all of ours - and that He'll do what is best? Will I trust Him with his/her safety? Happiness? Salvation? Or will I be plagued by worry, doubt, uncertainty - and the desire to control? :)

See, up until now, I've seen this baby as part of me... simply put: if I'm safe, it will be safe. But soon (Lord willing - smile) it will be out - a human being who lives apart from me. I'll no longer breathe for it, circulate it's blood, keep it warm... as soon as he/she arrives it is "all-systems-go"... and I'll have to start a whole new part of my life trusting God for my son or my daughter who now exists apart from me. Shoot - that feels strange to even write! I should practice some more... see below the picture... (chuckle)

So, if you think of it, pray for me. I'll need it, I'm sure. :)
(And yes, this baby is me at 10 days old... I have the white blanket that I'm on now - my GG White made it for me - and now it is draped on the bassinet waiting for our son or daughter (see, I said I'd practice!). I'll have to do a side-by-side comparison after to see if the baby really does look like me after we take a few pictures.)

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


People should not read their own prenatal records! I don't want to know what my BMI has done and my feet look like... but I suppose it is my own snoopy fault for getting my nose out of joint. Sigh.

On a brighter note: I successfully navigated the Employment Insurance website today to fill out my claim... hopefully the police don't come bash down my door because I accidentally filled out the wrong SIN number for Kurt. One never knows how Big Brother will react... snicker.

Now I just have to wait for the Health Region to get me my record of employment (ROE) and we should be set to drop off the forms downtown. Woo-hoo! The girl on the phone (who I waited 20 minutes to talk to) told me to fill out all the forms so they could be processed ASAP. In other words: "Don't wait for your employer to get you your info, 'cause you might be hooped!" Forgive me for the earlier Big Brother comment: I love the government and their kind, understanding natures. (I was also really happy she didn't have a thick franco-accent...) The sick-leave stuff wasn't as complicated as I had feared... so Lord-willing that will all be processed smoothly. :)

We went to Shoppers Drug Mart last night and picked up those "little" things for my hospital bag: shampoo and conditioner, lotion(s), Kleenex (hospital stuff is less than acceptable), a little container of Noxzema (haven't used that since I was 17!), toothpaste and two brand-new toothbrushes for 'Daddy' and me... other stuff (like body-wash and eye-makeup remover - yes I do plan on wearing a little makeup in the hospital...) I'll take from the home supplies - but otherwise... I think we have everything.

One thing that working there has convinced me: the hospital is a very dehumanizing place. Generic everything... soaps, shampoos, lotion, robes, gowns: and smelling and looking like a woman can make a huge difference in feeling fresh and pretty in spite of the whole "just pushed out a 9 pounder" issue. (chuckle) After all: you're not sick, you just had a baby...

So the goal today? Gather (if not pack) the bag contents so they are ready to go. And maybe baby laundry? Or, I'll try hard to keep my feet up and spend time reading... or all of the above.

Hold me back... I'm so ambitious. (rolling eyes)
(Picture has no relevance to the post... chuckle... just feeling a little nostalgic about our trip to Victoria last year... and missing my sweetie.)

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Prenatal Results

Doctor to Kendall: "You're a ticking time bomb and could start labor any time." End quote.
Awesome. And I'm not even being sarcastic... now I can justify buying those little travel shampoos and stuff to put in my hospital bag!

Only problem: both my husband and my doctor are out of town until the weekend... so baby is being firmly commanded to stay in place until both are available to enjoy his/her entry into the world.


He also gave me my prenatal record sheets "just in case", said that if I went into labor now, they wouldn't try to stop it and that at this point it would be highly unlikely that Baby would have to be in the NICU because it is pretty mature... Oh - he also said that the baby seems to be engaging... you know - turning it's head to face "the back" so it will come out 'face-down'. He said that after he pushed on my stomach and I whimpered. It's the first time pressing the abdomen has ever hurt me - which means something has changed...

But why must I suffer for these new discoveries? (chuckle)

Also on the changes list: I loaded up on carbs (toast with peanut butter and honey, cereal, milk... SOOOOO yummy!) this morning... figured I'd exercise them off if my sugar was too high... but didn't have time before my appointment so they checked it there. I was expecting 8.5 or higher (should be less than 7.8) and was ready to throw myself on the sword and confess my lack of self-control when they looked askance at me.

It was, in fact - with less than an hour since I had eaten - 5.1. That is practically a fasting sugar! My body is jerking me around! Maybe insulin finally decided to put the boots to the pregnancy hormones and give back a little 'what-for' a-la Chuck Norris... Regardless of the reason - it is kinda nice to know that the baby didn't grow an extra 3 pounds because of my breakfast. :)

Cheers to the 253rd day of pregnancy!

Ode to the Chin

Can it really be possible to have too many chins?

I mean - really?

'Cause lately, when I look in the mirror, that is the only thing I can tell my smirking reflection...

Yes, Kendall, you are puffy, puffy, puffy... but oh-so blessed, blessed, blessed.

This little life inside me squirms and kicks and stretches and hiccups - and although I am overheated and sore and full of heartburn (no more authentic El Salvadorian fajitas until AFTER the baby is born!) I also have a husband who thinks pregnancy is mighty attractive, and a light that glows brightly from the end of an ever-shrinking tunnel. 2-6 weeks left. I'm almost done.

But yeah... in the meanwhile...
... I have a couple of chins. (GRIN)

Monday, September 17, 2007

An Observation

I just noticed this morning that the baby's eyes on the time-counter are open .

It kinda startled me when I saw it.

Thought I'd share that tidbit with you all.

I'm sensitive that way, I guess. Unexpected eyes watching you are unexpected eyes watching you - even on a computer animation.

Hmmm... since I'm on that train of thought.... know what else is kinda freaky?

We're getting so close to our due date, that we may not get to our parent's houses again until after the baby comes.


(The arrow pointing to the mouth with the word "nausea" cracked me up... most times, my nausea doesn't start in my mouth... but it is true that an observer would want to be watching that area... chuckle!)
Adieu for September 17th! :)

Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Construction Crew and Coffee Ladies

We've skipped church today! Bah-ha-ha!
Kidding... to any saints reading that missed us - it is mutual. :) But it is a huge blessing for dad that the guys were able to get the work done today.
We (Mom, Jessica, Amy and I) all went to Barn 2 this morning to take"coffee" (juice, pop, cookies and watermelon) to the hungry crew consisting of Dad, Mikey, Kiley, Cody, DJ (a hired hand) and... of course, Kurt (the Bobcat driver).
Don't tell anyone, but I think he was the sexiest (OR 'cutest') guy there... tee-hee! (lol) He drives that Bobcat like nobody's business! :)
But WHO IN THE WORLD is that gigantic pregnant lady in the pictures??? (LOL!)
Nevermind... I figured it out... sigh. :)

Friday, September 14, 2007

Over 1000 visits!

Instructions for maximum enjoyment:
(I'm no computer genius - and I apologize for the hack-job... but I'm trying! (lol!))
  1. Open this post in a new/separate window
  2. Click the red underlined link below in the new window (make sure your speakers are on)
  3. Then go back to the original window to enjoy the completely desired effect of the post.
(I picked this song for my mom - and I'm imagining her dancing at her desk... some childhood memories never fade. She does the "WA-HOO" in this song like nobody's business! I love you, mom!)

Today I Feel...

This is the first "mailed" gift we've received off of our registry. How exciting... since it is exactly what I wanted to be "dependent" upon for baby transportation! :)
It was a gift from Paul and Allie C. who live waaaay out in Victoria, British Columbia. (See her blog linked on the sites I visit.)
We send so many thanks your way, you two! :) Here are some pictures to show you how we're practicing using it:
Since I can't fit it on the 'front' way - I demonstrated the way to wear it backwards (the Snugli comes with both capabilities!) On that note: if I don't lose my 'baby belly' right away, it is good to know it will still "fit"... that lower strap stretches waaaay out (lol!) The baby can go in 'the back way' as soon as he/she can hold his or her head up - approximately 6 months, according to the manufactures.
Kurt (the belly-less & bosom-less one) demonstrates the front way to wear it... isn't he cute? Looks ready for the grand arrival in a few weeks, right? :) Only 31 days until the due date!
We actually saw a guy on a Harley driving by our place with his little Shih Tzu dog in one of these the other day. The dog seemed to enjoy it... but it sure looked funny to see him with all four legs in the air and "snuglied".
After picking up our jaws, we looked at one another and said, "We'll stick with the baby." :)


Now that I've caught your attention with that mildly combative and seemingly obnoxious title, I'll explain. :)

Was reading 1 Timothy this morning and stumbled upon this verse: "Fight the good fight of the faith. Take hold of the eternal life to which you were called..." that is where I started meditating, although the verse (chapter 6:12) goes longer.

Thought process was as follows: Do I "take hold" of my eternal life every day? Or do I become complacent? Simply existing in the moment and it's demands - laundry, dusting, meal preparation, money management, grocery shopping... fill in the blank. :) Like, "Yeah, I'm a Christian... I should pray. I should be cheerful. I should be patient. I should be thinking about Jesus..." but the importance of those things is strangely diminished in the light of everything else that comes up.

You know the saying, "If it is a command, it is probably not something that comes naturally."? If we are commanded to "fight" and "take hold" the implication is that God wants us to do something that doesn't happen by itself. The funny part is that my life isn't even half as hectic as some people I know (Daddy... grin!), but the same command applies to everyone who claims to be a Christian. Almost like we have the same Spirit and motivations... (chuckle)

Fighting for something is being so convinced of its value that all other distractions are ignored and battled through to obtain it. "Taking hold" is reaching out and grasping. Thinking about something and choosing to "pick it up", "tuck it near" and not drop it!

Here is where the confession starts: I haven't thought of eternal life much lately. I've thought tons about this life: the baby, the house, the dog, the budget, time constraints and demands, things I want to do, things I want Kurt to do... but the fact that I have actually been taken out of the futility of this life by a gracious and BIG God hasn't crossed my mind much. And that grieves me - because all of those things listed were given to me by Him as good gifts... and their design (as I see it in the bible) is to remind me of the Giver.

"Take hold of the eternal life to which you were called"... so what does that look like? I'm not sure it is always the same view depending on where I am in my day.

It can be that choice to not sin in my mind: if Kurt isn't (gasp!) being the godly husband I wish him to be - I can take hold of eternal life by choosing to remember that he is a sinner too - and that God picked these circumstances to grow me - and that I can grow more godly by choosing to pray for him, love him, and bless him... as Christ did toward those who hurt Him.

(Side note: that situation is purely hypothetical - as my husband would never actually do anything sinful towards me... chuckle! :-D)

Or "taking hold" can be stopping amidst the business that kinda overwhelms me and thinking, "Wait a second, Kendall... this life is not where it ends!" Bo-yah! Remembering that I had a major sin problem before God found me and opened me eyes to who He is - and that someday - really - the sky will roll back and I'll stand before Him blameless and without fear or guilt because of what He did... Okay - so, you know, dusting isn't nearly as troubling as it was 5 minutes ago. :)

Or "taking hold" can be spending time thinking about Jesus. Not just as the name I say at the end of my lunch-time prayer. Not just as a vague, flimsy "value" tacked onto the concept of Christianity that supposedly motivates me on a daily basis: but as a person. As God - who humbled Himself to take on a human form (pitiful and weak) and died a horrible death - humiliating and undignified... for me. "Taking hold of the eternal life to which (I was) called" is a lot easier when I'm thinking about the One who purchased that eternal life for me... when I wasn't even interested in Him.

So, thanks to 1 Timothy 6:12 (a): Motivations can change. Sinful attitudes can change. The "daily grind" can be bearable - even exciting because I remember the big picture... I've been called, and I can fight. It's worth it... to endure, obey and to smile. :)

For a book written for a guy, that's pretty cool inspiration for a gal who needed it right now. :) (lol!)

Thursday, September 13, 2007

A New Baby!

My friend who was due before me (and the last one of the batch at that!) - Victoria Swanson from Northridge, California delivered a baby girl this morning at 0247.
I am so excited for her and her husband Erik and send a gigantic Canadian welcome to Samantha Clare! Samantha is also the first girl we've known to be born this year... everyone else we know has had boys. Go figure... wonder what that does for our odds....
Congratulations Swansons! :)

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Brace Yourselves

So... what has been going on:
Oscar is still kicking - getting all his weight back - and we're thankful. Although the return of "the personality" can be a little frustrating at times. :) See the video to understand...

Continuing from the second-last post: I worked a 12-hour shift on Friday and came home totally pooped out. Yes. Totally. Not only have I not worked a "day" in a month, but I also had 3 discharges and one admission before noon. This baby-boom is crazy! I sent one couple home without vital papers being signed (managed to page them on the hospital overhead so disaster averted), and another couple had something else happen that I can't remember right now... ugh. Enough Friday meditation!
This carpal tunnel syndrome is starting to give me some grief - my thumb will actually spasm if I hold my hand a certain way. At first it was kinda funny (in a "Hey Kurt, look at my thumb spasm!" kinda way) but now it is just annoying - and painful. Hopefully that goes away with the swelling after the baby comes.
Add to that the hip pain, the foot swelling and the mental exhaustion - woo-hoo... Friday is done! :) The blessing of that day was that our dear friends Sheldon and Shiela came over with a luscious (and do I mean luscious!) desert for us to share after work and I was able to distance myself from the craziness of the day. Oh - and one couple I sent home had the car seat that we're probably going to get: and I still liked it even in the "real world". :)
Okay - deep breath: This is where I restate that I am thrilled to be a RN working in postpartum... and that being pregnant is a joy to me - it is just that I don't find I respond to hectic motion and craziness as well as I used to (and if I drop things I'm doomed!)... but that is only going to be another month, right? Right?? :) Yeah - today one of my coworkers said to me, "Sleep lots during your time off - 'cause it will never, ever happen again." How encouraging! :)
Saturday was official "recovery" day. Or "dread going back to work the next day" day. Whichever makes the most sense - both applied to my state of mind. I don't really remember what happened that day - probably lots of sleeping. :) Oh yeah - and... sleeping. :)
Sunday - shucks - back to work again. But - and I praised God for this out loud on one of my many bathroom breaks - it was a slow day! No discharges and therefore no admissions. Glory! I got to work with the breastfeeding moms and do teaching for the first shift in ages. However, while enjoyable, I was also running back and forth all day - and by the time I got home I was pretty sore. That's the issue, though: if it was just mental exhaustion - fine. But the fact that I wake up in the morning and limp out of bed and can't feel the thumb, index and middle fingers of my right hand... not fun. Oh - and Charlie-Horses - I thought I was supposed to be done them when I stopped growing (at 12... lol!)?
I had a discussion with my manager about this on Monday and she told me to take my last shift off: so I am done work until Baby Manz graces us with his/her presence! :)
Speaking of which: Kurt got trial by fire when he had to watch a video about "The Stages of Labor" at our first prenatal class on Monday night. That's right... we finally got to class! Everyone else in the class is due in November - middle to late - and when we said we were due in 5 weeks everyone gasped. I'm guessing they'll take bets as to whether we'll make it to the next two classes...
As long as we make it to the next: that is where Kurt leans to rub my back, get me ice-chips, and stay calm. ;) Essential information, if you ask me! (lol) The class after that is about postpartum care: and although I'm sure it is very different to be a patient from a nurse, I'm not sure there is too much actual data in that class that will surprise me. But, Lord-willing, we will make it to all three.
I've also been thinking about packing a hospital bag: just in case. It seems silly where I am mentally. Even though I'm having Braxton Hicks contractions all the time, the baby seems very snug. I'll admit that finding out I was completely undilated last week kinda convinced me (in a pessimistic way) that the baby will be "in there" until Halloween (or Reformation Day - smiling and humming "A Mighty Fortress"... lol!) . But I purchased Ivory soap (with which to wash baby clothes) yesterday - so I suppose I'm starting to think like a mother. At least that is what the commercials tell me... :)
I'd start washing baby things: but I have it on good authority that my mother-in-law has a bunch of other things to bring in... so I'll stave off washing and folding baby-things until the rest of the baby-ish things arrive. :) (Probably Saturday.) I'm actually looking forward to it - although Kurt sniffed the Ivory last night, grimaced and said, "Um... do you like the smell of this stuff?" I told him that smell is irrelevant - that we must care for baby's sensitive skin... blah-blah-blah. He probably could've handled that, but then he sniffed the fabric softener (also baby-friendly) and didn't like that either. Hopefully he can still handle holding the child. (lol)
Today was another doctor appointment: baby's heart-rate is at 150, and he/she gave a few choice kicks to the Doppler while the doctor was trying to listen. So thankful to our Lord for that! At lunch Kurt and I were marveling at how God could take half of each our DNA in it's tiniest form and create this rolling, kicking creature that gets hiccups (all the time - it keeps me awake!), responds to his/her Daddy's voice, and lets me know if I'm squishing him/her (I just can't give up laying on my stomach sometimes!). I never could have pictured crying when the baby "comes out"... but now, I'm not so sure - the anticipation to see who God has created within me is almost overwhelming sometimes. So much better than Christmas! :) I almost cried during the video on Monday - or maybe that was the portrayal of labor in all it's glorious agony. Yeah - it held nothing back. The questions from the audience afterward were along the lines of "How soon can we get the epidural?" :)
Oh - and we got our car back yesterday. For those who knew: on June 9th (yes - over 3 months ago) we bought at 2005 Mazda 3 GT Hatchback - with only 16,000 km (that is 9941.9391 miles for my American friends) It is our "grownup" car. You know: 4 doors, room for the dog and a baby-seat etc. but it is still sporty enough to be fun: we're not quite at the minivan stage yet! (In fact, the joke goes that I have to be ready to push out number 4 before we purchase one... lol!)

(License plate blurred on the second picture because I'm not THAT trusting. LOL!)
Brief (and I do mean "brief") summary: it ended up in the shop for the last 3 months with various "issues" and battles about who would pay for what. About 4 weeks ago we finally decided we'd had enough and said to the shop, "Just fix it - we'll pay you." God has taught us a lot of things through this situation: contentment, the true meaning of "turning the other cheek", humility, joy regardless of circumstances (or the amount of money spent even though the problem isn't being fixed)... and now that we have it "back" we're happy to fix it properly (yes - even if that means spending more money!)... and that might not have happened if the Lord had given it to us sooner in the process.
It seems like all these things that were standing in the way of me being 'ready' for Baby (work, car, EI - oops - that isn't solved yet!) yard, nursery... one by one they are dropping away and leaving me facing the fact that in 3-7 weeks I'll be holding our newborn child in my arms and thinking "Wow." :)
Oh - one more thing to take care of: a yard sale on Friday and Saturday... we need more room in the garage to store stuff - so it is time to off-load our "treasures" onto other willing buyers. :) So if you're driving by - stop in and pick up a few video games, computer desks and stoneware plates (can also be used for self-defense!). Kurt is also putting in a sidewalk to encircle the parking area at the back of our yard... it is cute to see him jump on the slabs of concrete to make them even. It's like a tantrum: but not really. :)

So there you go: I haven't just been sitting here watching the count go up and giggling - although the fact that it is nearly 1000 is amazing. Kurt says I should do something to celebrate. Not sure what - but I'll commemorate it somehow, I'm sure. :)
Thanks for reading, everyone! :)

Monday, September 10, 2007

I feel guilty...

I can't believe it -I haven't posted and over 100 hits since the last one!
Thanks for checking everyone - there are reasons for my silence this weekend - not bad ones - just reasons. :)
Anyway - lots to blog on... but probably tomorrow. There is a little warning sign that blogger is going to have a scheduled outage at 11... so I'll wrap this up with a promise of a post to come soon!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Goeiedag - Van harte welkom!

I was just checking out my visitors (over 800 now - wow!) and there was someone who checked out my blog from the Netherlands. Yeah! How cool is that?
I don't think they actually stayed long... but it's kinda neat nonetheless. :)
So - Dank je wel & vaarwel!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007


(The point of the post...)
Yeah - I changed my template. I like green... and this is pretty green! Sorry to those who resist change... for the observant you can probably tell I've been doing "little shuffles" lately - and it just came down to needing something completely new.
So here it is...
Enjoy? :)

"The Stare"

When Kurt isn't here its kinda obvious. I mean, the truck, which usually sits in the driveway, is gone - often for days at a time. He is also not in the front yard - which he does a fair amount of lately... for some reason. Furthermore, we don't have any security stickers or signs... not that we haven't talked about it - but its been like a 'life insurance' issue for us... often discussed in the tone of "We should really-" but never followed up. (Adding that on my list to discuss - again - when he gets home.... )

("The stare")
So I, brilliant paranoid that I am, have come up with a genius solution to the security issue: every morning, I open our front blinds and let Oscar stand there and "watch" - a command we've been practicing since he was big enough to look out the window. You tell me: would you walk into my house uninvited knowing
he lived there?
(Still keeping his eye on me even though I was in the next yard.)
The interesting part about this dog is that he
likes (maybe even loves) me - and still I get "the stare". His eyes are dead - no eagerness, no animosity - just a "try it" kind of attitude. I love it!
A lady walked by while I was taking the pictures (he looks much bigger from the street but I had to fully zoom back to get it all in) and I told her I was taking pictures of my security system. She smiled at me (crazy pregnant lady in striped capris with chubby ankles snapping pictures of a house at 0800), glanced at the house, did a double-take and then said, "Oh
yeah - that ought to work wonderfully!" :)

Exactly. :)

And all the nose smears on the window might give the impression that he is wild and unpredictable - right? That's what I'll tell myself. Otherwise I just think, "Ick - wash your windows, lady. "
I took him for a walk last night and he is pretty intimidating in the dark: especially when he is protecting me from a basketball left on a lawn (not kidding - hackles up and everything) and a pile of gravel in the street. He gets all stiff, makes himself big and stares the "threat" down. I like that feature - but we'll work on discernment in the coming months nonetheless...
On another note: he runs into the kitchen every time we open the Cheese Whiz jar. Interesting Pavlovian scenario - we've been giving him his antibiotic (which he doesn't like) stuck in a piece of bread and smothered in Cheese Whiz. For a dog that loves it so much, he sure doesn't take his time... it is gone instantly. I think that maybe humans have been given the unique gift from God of being able to savor food - 'cause dogs aren't any good at it. :)
Anyway, I should go - said "security system" is waiting patiently for me to take him for a walk. It just about did him in when I went out to take pictures and didn't take him with me. :) What a suck - he's now pouting on the floor beside me.
Have a great day, everyone!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Sometimes You Just Need Help

This one cracked me up! Enjoy!

So Lonely...

(What a 34 week-old baby looks like... sense the personality...)
Prenatal stats:
Baby's Heart Rate: 160, strong-and-steady...
Baby's Head: still down... thank you Lord!
completely un-dilated... (shucks! thought I could maybe knock some work off for later!)
Mom's Blood Pressure: 116/76 (not bad)
Stretch marks: Arrrgghhh!
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: You betcha! (so I sure must enjoy blogging...) and it totally thanks to the next stat...
Mom's level of edema: pitting +3 or+4... so that leads to the question of....
Mom's Weight G
ain: priceless... I'm assisting in the creation of a new life here... gimme a break! (lol)

This is what the edema chart looks like. The deeper the impression, the slower the skin springs back (thus "pitting"). I AM the Pillsbury Dough Girl:"Woo-hoo!"
Seriously... it was my first prenatal without Kurt - we've been able to do pretty well in that department so far - which I'm very thankful for. It was also not my regular doctor... who decided to go on holidays. The nerve. (chuckle) Oh well - as long as he gets them out of the way before we 'start the process' I'm okay with seeing a different doctor once. Let's just say I appreciate his personality all the more after seeing a different doctor - even if she is a lady-doctor. I really do think that health-care workers should smile... even if it's fake - but that is a whole 'nother post on a whole 'nother subject...

Funny story, though: I gave her a brief update of who I am, where I work... at which point she laughed and said, "Are you the lady that the dog fell on her stomach the other night?"
Thinking process was as follows:
1st thought: "Fell? Hardly! That sucker
jumped... mutter-mutter... Oscar..."
2nd thought: "Lady? That sounds
old. I'm but a girl!"
3rd thought: "She doesn't sound mad that they woke her up at 2:30 am to make sure it was okay to send me home... maybe my internal won't be too uncomfortable."
... but when is an internal
ever comfortable? (shudder) That subject is finished! :)

As a final note to this ramble: I'd like to send out a massive shout-out of thanks to my brother and sister-in-law who loaned me their car to get to my appointment today. Kurt and I realized that with him being out of town, we only have one vehicle... and although I may have attempted to walk back in the earlier days (stop doubting!) it wasn't really an option today. Of course, we realized this at 10:30 last night. But Kiley and Jess were still up and cheerful (key point), and we really appreciate your willingness to help us out. So thanks again! We love you lots!

I'm going to go read my bible and drink some coffee... to be followed by gallons of water in a vain attempt to reduce some swelling... sigh. If you're checking out the blog be sure to leave a note so I know I'm not alone (with my
gigantic, uterus-crushing dog - for any bad-people reading!)

Have a happy September 4th everyone!

Monday, September 3, 2007

The RUH Experience

So...I check my blog to see how many days I have left. Really. I have trouble keeping the number in my head, so unless I check the blog I'm never really sure. Kurt and I had a little startle today when we got our Baby Center Update and it said "Congratulations! You're in your last month."
How did
that happen? :)
And when did months get extended from 31 to 42 days? (lol) Kidding... I know that if the baby came at 38 weeks or earlier I would still be term... but it was a funny kind of thing to read and a little stunning.

(Royal University Hospital - where I work. In fact, these are the doors we go in during regular hours when "the time" comes.)
And the other night we got a little "test run" for the due date. We were hanging out with our friends at our house and Oscar was feeling "happy" and decided to jump up on me. Which, I must say, he never does! The problem was that I was sitting, and that his big, 90 lb puppy foot went right into my stomach without my being able to absorb it with the rest of my body. I instantly tightened up, and the tension spread to my back and lower stomach.
I didn't say anything to Kurt or our friends... so after we drove our friends home, I told Kurt that maybe we should go to the hospital... just to be sure everything was okay. I hadn't felt the baby move, and I know a little
too much about all that can happen if a bad situation is missed or ignored. The fact of the matter is that if something did happen and I knew the potential and hadn't acted, I'd feel terrible because I've seen some heartbreaking situations and heard parents say, "If only..."
We picked up my heath card at the house, kenneled the dog (also known as "source of problem") and drove to RUH. It was 11 pm, so we had to go through the emergency doors. I went in while Kurt parked the truck and I must have given off
pregnant vibes, because the triage nurses looked at me and said, "Is it time?"
I'm only 34 weeks. Do I look full-term?? By the stars above: I'm formulating a post-baby exercise plan this very moment!! (lol)
Slight digression... I'll continue my story... :)
I told them the story and they sent me up to antepartum (where you go before full-delivery- room-type-labor starts) to get a fetal heart monitor put on. Kurt and I went up... and I got a bed (which, with how busy work has been lately, I'm very thankful for) and the nurse came in to put on the equipment. She also affirmed that we had made the right choice, and that coming in was a smart move... which made me feel not quite so silly. Kurt was also great - didn't complain at all... so that was also less stress.
All I was thinking about was my mother saying to my stomach on Thursday night, "You stay in there until I get back!" (She and my Gramma White are in Toronto for her cousin's wedding.) Good grief: is this child a rebel already?
The good news was that the baby chose almost that very moment to start hiccuping -
big time. And squirm - also big time. The L&D nurse said that she had never heard hiccups that loud. I think he/she was squirming because of the hiccups. These findings were very comforting... and also kinda funny because I actually felt sorry for the baby. Personally, I hate having the hiccups - talk about lack of control.
The result was, though, that they couldn't get a clear strip - which not only indicates baby heart rate, but also subtle 'hidden' contractions. Not only that, but all the doctors were busy with deliveries... so even if things had been clear, I wouldn't' be able to be discharged until a doctor exam. So we cuddled up on the bed and Kurt feel asleep right away - despite the woman in true, full-term labor groaning and pacing on the other side of the curtain. I also dozed a little, but not as well as my hubby who
wasn't plagued by the thought: "Shoot. That is going to be me in a month and a bit."
Long story short? They put the monitor back on at 0230, and the doctor came in and talked to us at 2:45... and we were free-and-clear to go home by 0300 hours. Yeah - and I still got up for church the next morning. :) Oh - and when we left, the other lady was only at 3 centimeters. (Fully dilated is 10... poor dear.)
We're thankful that the baby is healthy: they asked me to do a kick-count for a few days - but the baby is very obliging with that task... so it isn't too challenging... even as I'm writing, I'm feeling a little foot or heel in my right side, and "wiggles" in the mid-abdomen. That said, I'm also very glad that I only have 3 shifts left - even if they're 12 hours each because the other day when working I was getting all sorts of Braxton Hicks contractions and that makes it mildly uncomfortable to do my tasks. :) Oh well - small price to pay... and it is a reminder of what is coming in a month-and-a-half... just in case I forget by some chance. :)