Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Twenty-Five and Rider Pride

I'm honored so many of you check the blog every day! :)
I'm actually just honored that anyone checks at all... chuckle.
Thanks for responding, friends... seriously. I thought I'd get a dozen answers. :)
A 25-week picture:And I did survive "Rain-Bowl 2008" (see last year's post...) with the rest of the Manz clan...
We took Kurt's dad and mom to a Rider game with Dean and Amanda (sans dogs) and it was a blast.
A rainy, windy, funnel-cloud spotting, pounded with hail kind of blast. :-D Kurt and I huddled under and umbrella until it passed and then hung on until the end of the game. I'm very proud of me. More importantly - Kurt is proud of me. :)

Amanda, Dean, Kurt, moi, Dad Manz (Gord) and Mom Manz (Lori) - pregame pictures...
(Hmm... green seems to be the theme of these pictures, doesn't it? :))
Notice it is BManzII's very first game - I'm sure she's at least as excited as her mommy and daddy... chuckle)
Just in case you think I look too dry in these before game pictures - I'll tack on a wet/cold one for you to enjoy and to prove was there until the very end...Ha! Proof!
Five-and-Oh, Baby! :)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A Change

I changed my "sites visited" log. If you were on and not on anymore it isn't because I don't read you - it's just that I read you via my reader. :)

Kurt's Score (Post by Kurt)

I just want to humbly say that it's the wife I have that allows me to be very superior. :-D


As a 1930s husband, I am
Very Superior

Take the test!

A 1930's Housewife

Hmmm... so I'm not quite as "superior" as Julie (she's very superior) - but I'll admit I thought I'd get a failing grade when I took this.
Anyway - I guess all the telling my husband he's masculine, strong and lovable counteracts the cold feet, the eating out of cans, and the cooking in pajamas without painted red nails. (BIG GRIN!) :)
I also was able to bow out quite gracefully of all the childrearing questions... phew. ;)
Fun to do if you have a minute! :) Link back and let me know how you score...


As a 1930s wife, I am

Take the test!

Oh - and in case you didn't notice: I added a poll!
I'm very excited. It's actually kinda pathetic... but thanks for enabling me. (lol)
I'm sure the proper thing to do is to assure you that I'll take the results and do some kind of scientific adjustment on my posts/posting schedule... but the sad truth is that I'm just really curious about the results. Short of everyone picking e), I probably wouldn't change too much... (chuckle)
Anyway, if people respond I have other ideas for future ones... so you decide the outcome. Thanks and a grin if you participate - and a sigh with teary eyes for those who don't. ;)

Have a great day, everyone. :)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Have I Told You About...

... my brief moment as a rule-breaker? I was looking through these pictures from our Victoria Trip two (two???) summers ago.As soon as we left the room we saw the sign that forbid taking pictures.
Hmmm... obviously I didn't delete them - but I didn't take any more pictures after that. Gotta love the totem pole shot!
Do I not blend? ;)


We made it back!
Some pictures to share...
Kurt in the shirt my folks brought him back from Hawaii. He's been waiting eagerly for appropriate "vacation" time to wear it. :) I had a few pictures where he was trying to blow on his own chest to simulate wind movement... but I think he wouldn't think those were okay for the blog. So instead you get the sexy "normal" pose! :)Dad, Kiley and Kurt playing football in the water. Dad likes to remind Kiley he's still bigger - Kurt just stays out of the way... (chuckle)Yours truly. I did go more into the water a few days later. I have burn... er.... tan to prove it. I felt like the most clothed person on the beach! (And it was HOT!)
Cody also managed to come up for a few days. He, Kurt and Dad spent more time in the water playing football, swimming and goofing around. On a side note (with no pictures to prove it) I also went into the water and pitched the ball around a bit. (The water is great - no risks of falls makes for worry-free play.) Later in the day, a lady came up to me and complimented me on my football skills. It was a high point for my vacation. ;-D I had to take a few Tylenol later, though. A few unused muscles were complaining about the workout...

BTW (in case anyone is wondering): I changed the baby ticker to reflect our countdown - October 24th - the day we plan to be induced. Keep praying for us - each day with this little girl carries the joy of anticipation and the anxiety of the unknown. :) We love her so much... and find tremendous comfort in the knowledge that our Lord is still knitting her together. She's super-duper strong - she is shaking my whole tummy with some kicks. My mom got a chance to feel her at Waskesiu - but she was being playful with my dad and wouldn't move at all. Funny child...
And... I think we've come up with a name. Finally. I won't be sharing until she's born - but Kurt and I have been rolling it around on our tongues for a week or so - and we think we've found one that has stuck. I wasn't sure I would be able to find a name I liked as much as Autumn - but this one really strikes me as a great name. So thankful!

Blessings and good evening...

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Soooooo Romantic!

My husband stopped and picked me wildflowers today.
Isn't there a country song about that? :) Yep- Montgomery Gentry. (Click and listen.)
Great tune... one that makes the heart go soft-ish.... :) Romantic sigh....

The yellow one was drooping by the time I got to take a picture... but you get the point. He even had them in the vase for me when I got home!What a guy... I love you so much, Kurt. :)

Well Said...

Molly Piper was asked to post for Rocks in My Dryer. Read what she has to say here... a great summary (and it finishes off the series I linked a few months ago but never put the end points on).


.. and you shall receive.
This one is for you, Victoria. :)
Baby Manz is really starting to pop out!
Kurt took this last Friday morning before I left for work... it was exactly 23 weeks. (Which in our countdown means "Only 15 weeks to go!")

And to answer some other pressing questions (via the new Mrs Robbins... grin):

Work: I've been really enjoying my new job. Homecare nursing is pretty much what I've wanted to do since I entered school... both chronic and acute care - health promoti0n, education - lots of one-on-one time with my clients. I also have an amazing bunch of coworkers - both Home Health Aides and RNs. I feel like every day I'm stretched to think and function at a new level - new approaches to each person. Individuality is really emphasized - so it is hard as an RN to get into a "pattern" of dealing with people - each situation has to be assessed and each person has to be dealt with according to those strengths and weaknesses. (That's a positive thing, by the way... chuckle.) It feels like I'm finally starting to put the pieces of the puzzle together - which - in all honesty - I wondered if it would ever happen during my four long years of university. :) But I've been super-busy! I'm thankful for that, though. One of the "consequences" of not going back to work after Autumn was born was that I needed to start all over as far as Employment Insurance goes.

- For my American friends: In Canada you pay into EI from your date of hire. You can qualify for 15 weeks maternity leave and then another 9 months of parental leave (adds up to a year) if you have 600 hours from date of hire (works out to be aproximately 6 months of work). It's only 55% of your income - or a cap of $432 a week (before taxes) - but it sure helps, and it's nice to get a year off! I got my full maternity leave with Autumn, and then we decided that it would be best for me if I waited until we moved to start working again... postpartum was just too hard to think about going back to - and even on this side I am really thankful that Kurt (and all my PP coworkers/friends) supported that decision.

So anyway - with me only being casual (no "guaranteed" hours) it is still touch-and-go to see if I will get in my 600 hours before the baby is born. I'm doing pretty well - but if my coworkers don't take any more vacation I might not get the whole amount. (That's not pressure, Norma... BIG grin...) The nice thing about being an RN is that I have work options if I had to put in some time after the baby is born. And I think I can get mat-leave even if I don't start right after the baby is born if the hours get put in somewhere. So we're not too worried about that... God has taken care of so many other details (much bigger than this) that I'm actually excited to see what He's going to do.

Another life detail: Kurt is no longer working for Topigs Canada. The hog industry in Western Canada is anything but ideal - and so the week before last he received a phone call notifying him that his contract would be terminated. Initially when he told me my stomach dropped - but in all truthfulness we were expecting it - so when the news finally came it was almost more of a relief. Strange as it seems - it probably couldn't have happened at a better time. We have no mortgage, no student loans, and it costs very little to live in Leask. Plus - praising God for this one - I don't make bad money in my profession, either.
Kurt has also had plans to build a little meat-cutting place for the last few years and this is a very good opportunity to get that off the ground. So he's been working on layout plans and trying to get that ready to take to an engineering firm so he can then work on getting quotes from various contractors to get quotes and hopefully start building.
The goal - obviously - would be to use my parents pork (perfect health! no antibiotics! no growth hormones!... sigh - my thoughts on advertising in the food industry will be saved for another day...) and - in our own way - get into the family business. Again - when Kurt and I were talking about this situation the day it happened - I told him that I'm more excited to see how God will do things than concerned He won't.

Baby news: things are going really well. I'm much more tired (and stretched out!) this pregnancy - but the 8 hour shifts (as opposed to the 12s) are easier - and so is having a life. :) Enough said. She is moving like crazy - at 22 weeks she was moving strong enough for Kurt to feel her clearly - and a few days ago she was shaking around enough to move my whole tummy. I'm not eating straight sugar to get her to do this - honest. :) Last night I was pressing my tummy (okay - uterus) and she actually moved away from my hands. Interaction! :) I can't even really describe how much joy this gives me. Part of my battle is not looking at my womb as a place of death. That sounds dramatic - but Autumn died in the supposedly-safest place in the world. Each movement of this little girl causes my heart to lift heavenward in praise and petition. For the most part, God has given consistent periods of peace - and the truth to fight the fears when they come. I still appreciate your prayers so much - so thank you to everyone who brings us to Jesus - He is still proving to be so very strong.



One of the upsides of working a lot is that a vacation is just that. A break! :) I'm going to sit on the beach - or in the cabin if it is raining - and read books. I'm going to talk to my mom and dad - cuddle with Kurt and sleep in. And - by golly - I'm going to glorify God for the opportunity. :) We're going to Waskesiu (national park in northern SK) where my family has gone almost every year since I was about 12 - and - for the record - I'm going to love it. We stay here, by the way. My parents are up there now, and Kiley and Jessica are going up for a couple of nights with her parents who are out visiting, and my wonderful in-laws are watching Oscar for us.
Kurt had to help Kiley with some stuff at the farm today - but we're planing on meeting Gord and Lori in Prince Albert to exchange Oscar by 5 tonight - so that gives me the day to pack and tidy before we go.
I'm excited. No... more than that. I'm thrilled!!! :)

Renovations: most of everything is done - but we're waiting for the counter tops and my drapes. Both were back-ordered. (Downside of living within the single booming economy in the country - Ugh...) But as soon as they're both installed I will put up detailed before and after pictures. I promise!

Okay - I need to go spend some time reading my bible, talking to God, and planning for the rest of the day. Thanks for your patience, everyone. I'm amazed that the visitor counter still moves... chuckle. :) My work schedule isn't quite as busy for the next few weeks (so far) so I hope to post a little more often.


Thursday, July 10, 2008


I feel like I should post something. But what should I say?
I've been working. Quite a bit lately, actually.
That's pretty much it. :)
Next week we get to take a trip with my folks for 4 whole days. I'm very excited - but I'll withhold the exclamation marks until I get closer to that whole stretch of days off.


I've still got a few more days to get through - but I'll post again soon. :)

Ohhhh... btw - whoever left the comment on the Sugar Plum nursery set - thanks! Great tip! :)

Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Nursery

Kurt worked on it all day - the color is actually called "Plumb Shade".
It's pretty rich - definitely the "warmest" room we have in the house. But we're so pleased with the effect. The white furniture goes so well in there - and the new white blinds really complete the effect. It's a very "relaxing" room. :)


After it was done, I sat in there and prayed a little bit - mostly thanking the Lord for this new opportunity to love and trust Him. I am also very thankful that this little girl gets to have her own very brand new room.
It just seems fitting with all the other new starts lately.
I'm pretty pumped to have 4 months to decorate ("buy more cute girly stuff") this room, too... wink-wink! The purple/plumb shade is just begging to be complimented.

Did I Mention We Had a Garage Sale Before We Moved?

It always puzzles me why people stop when it looks so... cluttered. But we did pretty well!
Kiley and Jessica threw their stuff in the mix - and it made for an eclectic collection.
(Kurt was inside cleaning carpets...)
Kinda nostalgic looking at this picture... it was a good-looking house, if I do say so myself. :)

Banff Mountain Film Festival

Our friends Ben and Cherie invited us to see this festival when the tour stopped in Saskatoon a few months ago. I finally found the link on YouTube.
If you like (or even if you don't) extreme sports - try to catch this festival when it comes to your area. They stop all over the world - and it is a pretty eclectic group of documentaries. I was really glad we went.
Enjoy the promo! Try not to wince too much. :)

(and don't let your kids watch it - everything looks "cool"... chuckle)

The (Actual) Due Date

I keep having to look at our baby counter and subtract 14 days. (Because of an induction at 38 weeks.) :)
Praising God for the number 113!
And yes - I changed the ticker again. I like this baby better - and thanks to Andrea I figured out a way to make it say more than just "Kendall's Baby". I like to include Kurt - since he had a fairly significant part in her... um... making. (chuckle)

I'm starting to remember clearly what it was like during my 2oth-30th week with Autumn... and in a lot of ways that is making the gap between her and her little sister feel even smaller. Lots of mixed emotions about that...

Kurt has been enjoying our new satellite - he's been watching the Fox network and the fever pitch is really starting to come on regarding the American election in November.
Anyway, on this one show that he really likes (sidebar):

(Hannity and Colmes - they write it that way. One is a republican and the other a democrat - things often get a little heated, which is always interesting to observe. I'm not sure which color represents which group, but there is the information anyway...)

(sidebar ended):
they do a constant "(blank) many days until the election" in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.

My point is this: November 4th will seem like it comes up quick to the rest of us in the world... big events like that always do. The countdown just continues on whether you realize it or not.

For example: August 8th will be here in no time! It feels like China just got awarded the 2008 Olympics... and they're just around the corner. Oh... rhythmic gymnastics to my heart's content! Just kidding. I'm actually looking forward to soccer. :)

But anyway...I hope my big event feels like it comes up "that soon"...

Perspective, I guess. So far, so good... working is really good. I woke up this morning and thought, "What the hey?? It's July 3rd!" I really thought that. :) But my June (thanks to working lots) went by really quickly.

Today we're painting the nursery. I use "we" loosely. Kurt is. I'm "supporting". I'll post pictures soon...

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

And Baby Makes Three

A recent picture taken in Melfort by mom-in-law, Lori. (At my "oldish" hubby's 10-year highschool reunion, no less!)
No hiding that bambino! :)
Kurt is feeling her kicking really strongly these days - for which we are very grateful - and he is super excited! :)
She seems to be very strong - he certainly didn't feel Autumn until well into the 24th (give or take) week. (She tended to stop moving whenever he would get his hands on my tummy.)
This time there were no doubts it was her at 21 & 3 days. So both of us have felt this baby girl much earlier than "normal". A joy that neither of us is taking for granted.
To see his smile and hear him talk sweetly to our second daughter is a blessing that runs so deeply I can't express my thankfulness. The Lord alone knows - and He has given it to us because he is a very good God.
Thanks for your continuing prayers, everyone!
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